"Our situation was a combination of over 100 years of hoarding through generations in the context of our elderly mother living alone who was a very stubborn individual, especially with regards to her extremely disorganized items in a very large home. Vickie was able to achieve miracles in what was a seemingly an impossible situation of clutter and disorganization in the context of a client with an intractable hoarding disorder, severe hearing impairment, and who was intermittently confused. Obviously, no small undertaking. I think many professionals would not have taken on this case, however Vickie embraced the circumstances and the challenges and capably navigated the obstacles successfully and seemingly with ease. Vickie went over and above the call of duty as problems (as expected) arose. Vickie is unflappable. Vickie is reliable and trustworthy and has excellent attention to detail, including making certain that appropriate and specific items were shredded, discarded, donated, sold, or saved. Vickie is dedicated to the tasks at hand and handles them in an amicable manner. Moreover, and importantly, Vickie can readily handle the human emotions part of the situation, which can be the most difficult aspect of all. Vickie was a godsend to our family. "  -- Tom , out of state son

"'Don’t Toss My Memories In The Trash' by Vickie Dellaquila is a must-read for anyone in a position of assisting a senior with the difficult process of organizing to downsize and move. Her compassionate approach, real-life examples, and succinct style provide a customizable and practical starting point to smooth this journey for your loved one. I highly recommend this lovely book!"  -- Kathy , Chico, California

"You have profoundly changed my life, as I tell anyone who will listen. I don’t have the words to describe how grateful I am to you. I’d say you gave me my life back, but it’s never been like this before. This is all new. So thank you for giving me a life. I’m having so much more fun than I knew was possible, and that’s only because you literally made the room for it. You are a treasure. I will forever be grateful."  -- Susan

"I had hit a wall with trying to do basement organizing on my own. It was difficult to decide which sentimental papers to keep. Thankfully with Vickie’s help, I was able to get motivated and equipped to make the best decisions about what I want to keep and save for my legacy. I highly recommend Vickie to help you make decisions and get your organizing done in a productive way!"  -- Kristin

"I used Vickie's "Virtual Organizing" sessions to help declutter my house. We worked room by room using Zoom, and every week she'd give me homework and check in on me to see how I was doing. She was non-judgmental and had a lot of creative, helpful suggestions. I really felt like she was on my team the whole time! I really love how it feels to live in a less cluttered space, and I feel like I have the tools to keep it that way. I definitely recommend her services! "  -- Sara , Pittsburgh, PA

"You [Vickie], Lauren, and Lynn were incredibly helpful. I am very grateful. It would not have been possible to make it through this process without all of your kind yet efficient work. I am still not entirely over the fact that a lock box is going on my childhood home today. But I know that this had to happen. You, Lauren, and Lynn were key to making it possible"  -- Valerie , Out-of-State Adult Daughter

"Vickie and her team did an amazing job on my husband's workshop. After his father passed away and he inherited all of the tools that his father had used in order to support his family, my husband just couldn't spend time in the space. It's been 2 weeks since OR came to organize the shop and now my dear husband is back using the things he loves and enjoying the memories that everything holds. He said, 'It was the best gift that I have or will ever receive.' I think that says it all. Thank you!"  -- Pearl , Valencia

"It is amazing how much we hauled out of my house. I could have never done so much in a fairly short time span. Your gentle encouragement to get rid of things I no longer use helped me make quick decisions. I still hear your voice in my head whenever I encounter items that take up space and never use. Thanks ever so much."  -- Judith , Pittsburgh, PA

"From beginning to end, my experience with Organization Rules was very positive. Not only did I "get organized", but I received encouragement and lots of support during a very difficult time in my life. I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."  -- Joanne , Pittsburgh, PA

"One of the worst things that happened to me this year was the medical necessity to quickly move my mother from her home of 40 years to a one-bedroom, one-floor apartment. One of the best things that happened was finding Organization Rules. The prospect of condensing a lifetime of possessions ranging from treasured family mementos to, well, junk, was daunting for my mother, my sister and me to say the least. But Vickie Dellaquila and her team organized the project and then executed it without a hitch. Their approach to downsizing was dispassionate and compassionate at the same: dispassionate in that they could look at things without the emotional baggage of a family member, yet compassionate in that they were supremely sensitive to the things that were truly important to Mom, even though she may not have articulated their importance. In addition to guiding us through the downsizing process, Vickie arranged for the movers and was on site at both ends of the move. She also arranged for the remainder of Mom's things to go to charity, to a resale shop, or to the trash hauler. In just about three weeks, Mother was comfortably and safely settled in her new place, with the things that were really important to her. Emotional trauma was minimal for all of us and my sister and I escaped a lot of wear and tear. I would highly recommend Organization Rules to anyone facing a similar situation."  -- Rick , Hilton Head, SC

"I was elated to have the services of Organization Rules when I found it necessary to downsize after 50 years. Vickie was there for me when it was necessary to make an emergency trip to the hospital. On my return home she there for me whenever needed. My son, daughter and I will be forever grateful for her help and compassion."  -- June , Pittsburgh, PA

"I am totally satisfied with what we accomplished in my basement. I couldn't be happier if someone bought me a diamond ring. For the first time in 12 years, I feel that I have control over the contents of my basement, instead of feeling that it is an albatross around my neck. Thanks to your help Vickie, we now enjoy spending time in our multi use basement. Organization Rules!"  -- Holly , Butler, PA

"I could never have done my move from a house to a an apartment without the help of Vickie. She is not only very organized, but one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. She is always on time, cheerful, and helps to keep you calm when things get hectic. Vickie is an expert in finding places to take items you want to get rid of. She certainly meets the supreme standard of excellence."  -- Annette , Pittsburgh, PA

"How amazing! Vickie took us through our cluttered cellar and decisions were made to keep, donate, or throw away. In just a few hours organization ruled where there had recently been chaos!"  -- Mary and Richard , Rochester, PA

"If it weren't for you, my apartment would not look as nice as it does. Everyone thinks it looks great. You took a big burden off myself and my daughter. I certainly would recommend your services."  -- Eudice , Pittsburgh, PA

"I feel so much better walking into my extra bedroom and seeing all of my clothes neat and organized! I know exactly where everything is now! My bathroom looks amazing! Every item has a place it belongs. I was too overwhelmed to even start cleaning up the mess and clutter. Thank you Vickie for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!"  -- Shannon , Robinson Township, PA

"Thank you for helping me downsize and get our home ready to sell. I didn't know where to start. You started with the toughest job (the basement) and helped me work through it, then you proceeded to the closet and made short work of it."  -- Cheryl , Butler, PA

"Thank you so much for your assistance with my mother. You made both of our lives easier."  -- Jim , Pittsburgh, PA

"Vickie's organizational skills, dependability, courtesy and work ethic made her a life-saver! She is a problem solver with great judgment. She is worth her weight in gold. I would recommend her to anyone, any day."  -- Paul , Washington, PA

"My mom has been a collector of items all her life and finds most things useful if not meaningful. Her home has been large enough to accommodate lots of stuff, so most things stayed and grew into what seemed to me a "mountain." My husband and I tried to help mom find a retirement home. It was through this we were put in contact with Vickie Dellaquila of Organization Rules. I was impressed with the way Vickie was able to help my mom start the process of downsizing her possessions without discarding her memories and sort out the truly meaningful from the rest. Her efforts went beyond the call of duty and I feel grateful to her. Vickie was wonderful. She got my mother started in cleaning out her stuff and helped her keep it going."  -- Nancy , MiWuk Village, California

"My family had a wonderful experience. Thank you again."  -- Fran , Chanhassen, MN

"Everything about the entire organization experience was great. Not only does my home look great, but I learned how to get my act together in the process. I have time to myself to accomplish all of the things that I had been putting off for so long. Now that everything has a place, even my kids know to put it away. I am smiling when I walk into my house, instead of disgusted and overwhelmed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"  -- Lisa , Cranberry Township, PA

"The niceness of the playroom really has inspired me to do the rest of the house. One neighbor boy said I didn't even know you had that counter (above the drawers). The kids were proud of the room and brought kids over to see it. It's nice not being embarrassed about having people in my house. Thanks again."  -- Michelle , Butler, PA

"Thank you for working your organizing magic in helping my brother downsize from a 2,800 sq ft home to an 840 sq ft condo! This was a Herculean task and we are so appreciative of your help through all the steps including managing all of the computer equipment and boxes and boxes of memorabilia. I don’t know how we would have accomplished this without you! You were so patient and thoughtful in guiding my brother in parting with his beloved computers and in organizing his extensive collection of DVDs. One of the key benefits of working with you is that my brother has integrated many of your organizing systems and tools into how he lives in the smaller condo. He is now a true believer in putting things of “like kind/use” together and to labeling all the boxes. He is so proud of his new living space and how clean and organized it is! I just can’t thank you enough for helping us manage this task – what a wonderful transformation. "  -- Karen , Out of state sister